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Florescent blubs: the black ends, the bluish light, the ballasts that burn out, slow warm up, poor cold weather performance, and mercury. Now there is an affordable energy saving alternative. Please visit our website or look at our listing offerings on Bonanza and like us on Facebook.

Gun registry scanned
but not a database.
"Non-searchable" by
design, pleasing criminals,
and gun nuts while
impeding justice.
The ATF’s Nonsensical Non-Searchable Gun Databases, Explained
The trace starts with a call or fax to the National Trace Center in Martinsburg, West Virginia. A police department has recovered a gun at a crime scene that was bought at a dealer that has since gone out of business. The inquiring officer turns to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to find out who purchased it, and when.

Federally licensed gun dealers are required to submit sales records to the ATF when they close up shop. The ATF has acquired a massive library of such records: some 285 million, which it scans and digitizes. Those documents are saved into one of the 25 “data systems” that help the ATF source guns used in crimes.

The physical records, some 8,000 boxes, are then stashed away in the Trace Center building. Another 7,000 or so are kept in nine shipping containers outside. They are stored there to keep the floor inside from collapsing.

The good news is that agents usually don’t need to search these boxes by hand. The bad: The computerized system isn’t much better. The ATF’s record-keeping system lacks basic functionalities standard to databases created in the modern age. Despite its vast size, and importance to crime fighters, it is less sophisticated than an online card catalog maintained by a small town public library.

In fact, the ATF's databases are "non-searchable" — by federal law. 

For a database guy, this is the ultimate insanity and costly too! - Ted

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NRA and the Greedy
Mongers of Death
A greedy gun shop owner sold an assault rifle with massive ammo clips and tons of ammo to an idiot terrorist in Florida for his attack in Orlando. Did it cross the saleman's mind that the person was a terrorist? How could it not send up a red flag? But greed being the ultimate driver, he made the sale to this obvious terrorist and didn't tip off the police. Someone should decimate this gun shop and see how the owner likes it. It would be a great day when it would be too dangerous and too costly to own or purvey assault weapons. This gun shop has easily avoidable blood on its hands and should be prosecuted to the max. Got a problem, get a gun. I am surprised that the distraught victims of gun violence have remained so docile.
Bushmaster appeals to macho idiots

Custom Programming,
Database Applications,
SEA develops integrated applications using AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, Access, SQL and more. Applications include: Change management, site-adapt rollout (AEC), financial analysis, process automation and monitoring, sales quoting, shop-floor data collection, list maintenance and engineering design. Supported languages: VB.NET, VB, VBA, SQL, AutoLISP.
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Super Menu
for AutoCAD
Super Menu is SEA's high productivity enhancement for AutoCAD. Super Menu is no longer being updated, however, most of the routines are individually available. Please use the request form for a quote on an existing routine or new AutoCAD enhancement.
SM Standalone Routines

Ted Schaefer
The AutoCAD Productivity Book
Ted is a seasoned programmer, especially in the AutoCAD realm with a wealth of experience in Machine Design and AEC. Ted is excellent writer including: marketing copy, training materials, tech docs and he authored The AutoCAD Productivity Book. Combining CAD, MS Office, databases and business experience, Ted can help your company pull together islands of automation. Most recently Ted automated the production of construction documents for Home Depot stores. Ted's Resume.

Politics I have often wondered if all US citizens are qualified to vote in this complex world. It is getting harder to balance nuanced economic, societal, world and technical issues. This is further complicated by the media who which offers competing versions of truth that are tailor made for every point of view. Not everyone can make informed decisions from this mess of “facts”. When complexity overwhelms, the fall back stance is a position of self-interest, personal bias and emotion - the inability to think rationally.

How do you decide who votes and who doesn’t? Should it be property owners with a high school degree? People who pay taxes? Not on welfare? IQ over 70? No criminal record? There are so many gray areas that it is almost impossible to exclude a group from voting, that is until now.

Like the candidate himself, the people supporting Trump have clearly demonstrated the inability to make thoughtful, informed decisions. I suggest that they form one neat and tidy list of people that shouldn’t be allowed to vote.
Trump is a dangerous Ass, Cruz is worse

 Why would the Republican "Club" allow Trump as member?

IDEAS! We all have ideas. Some of mine have merit, some are "half-baked" and some I throw out as food-for-thought.

   - Billion Less by 2050 (Fewer people could help global warming)
   - End oil boom bust cycle and create jobs, better roads
   - A better process for garbage
   - Toll Booths
   - When the Fed raises Interest
   - Flat Tax Cut - Better than Bush or Gore
   - Bullets not guns
   - Life License
   - World Wide Minimum Wage
   - Energy as Public Utility

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