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This is a long list of routines from Super Menu that are available as standalone. Purchase of one of these routines includes source code and site-license. The rountines are warranted to work as intended. No support included.

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Super Menu - The Biglist
Category File Name Description Cost
3D 2DMVCPY 2D Move and 2D copy, ignores Z. 3.00
3D ANG3D Computes angle between any two lines in space 10.00
3D CHFACE Change Vertices of 3DFaces. 10.00
3D EXPDFACE Explodes 3DFaces into lines or polylines 14.00
3D EXPDSURF Explode a surface into 3DFaces or lines or plines. 14.00
3D HIDEDGE Improved Hidedge. Easy control. 20.00
3D LAYELEV Turn a Z elevation into a layer name. 5.00
3D LNTOPIPE Converts 2D or 3D polylines to a pipe with elbows. 25.00
3D SHOWFACE Turn on or visualize invisible 3DFaces. 10.00
3D SM-FUCS UCS Flip and More: Fastest UCS command available. 10.00
3D SPIN Flips objects in all orientations 10.00
3D TRIMTOPL Trim one 3dface by another 30.00
3D UCS3PT Helps setup new 3D UCS 5.00
Aids ANSI Activates ALT keys for Object snap in DOS AutoCAD. 5.00
Aids GRIDS Doubling and halving the current settings. 4.00
Aids HIDEDEL Breaks line and converts part of a line to hidden 7.00
Aids OS Multi-Object snap toggle short cut. 3.00
Aids PLT-VIEW This command will plot, unattended, named views. 15.00
Aids PNTLBLR Point Labler will add visual labels and more. 15.00
Aids READCOOR Read Coordinates in from a file. 25.00
Aids SHORTCTS 100+ keyboard shorts for power users. 25.00
Aids SM-OFSET Improve Offset 10.00
Aids SM-PLGNC Polygon Center Snap 4.00
Aids SNAPS Doubling and halving the current settings. 2.00
Aids SNPISO Toggles isometric drawing mode 3.00
Aids WRITCOOR Writes coordinates in from a polyline to a file. 30.00
Annotation BALLOON Item identifier, leader line w/ arrow, balloon. 5.00
Annotation CNTR Draws centerlines in circles 10.00
Annotation LEADER Allows multiple lines of text and curved leaders 15.00
Annotation PLIST Draws ANSI std parts list, automates numbers. 15.00
Architecture BFDOR Bifold Door. Cuts opening in existing line work. 5.00
Architecture CEILING Automatic reflected ceilings in 5 ways. 40.00
Architecture CEILING Automatic reflected ceilings in 5 ways. 35.00
Architecture DIMISO Isometric dimensions, text & notes with leaders . 40.00
Architecture DIMISO Isometric dimensions, text & notes with leaders . 35.00
Architecture SCHEDULE Draws a typical architectural schedule. 15.00
Architecture SM-DSDA Double Swing Double Acting Door. Cuts opening. 15.00
Architecture SM-DSSA Double Swing Single Acting Door. Cuts opening. 15.00
Architecture SM-DWIND Double Window. Cuts opening in existing line work. 15.00
Architecture SM-GDOOR Garage Door. Cuts opening in existing line work. 15.00
Architecture SM-OPEN Capped wall opening. Cuts opening. 15.00
Architecture SM-SDOOR Sliding Door. Cuts opening in existing line work. 15.00
Architecture SM-SSDA Single Swing Double Acting Door. Cuts opening. 15.00
Architecture SM-SSSA Single Swing Single Acting Door. Cuts opening. 15.00
Architecture SM-SWIND Single Window. Cuts opening in existing line work. 15.00
Architecture SM-TWIND Tripple Window. Cuts opening in existing line work 5.00
Architecture SM-WALL Wall with options for centerline (offset) 10.00
Architecture STAIRS Draws side view of stairs. 5.00
Architecture STAIRT Draws top view of stairs. 5.00
Blocks/Symbols SAM Symbol Application Manager with full library 95.00
Blocks/Symbols ELECTRIC Electrical Schematic Symbol Library 40.00
Blocks/Symbols ELECTRN1 Electronic Schematic Symbol Library 40.00
Blocks/Symbols FINDBLK Global block utilities: explodes, counts, scales. 30.00
Blocks/Symbols HARDWAR1 Fasteners 2D Symbol Library 40.00
Blocks/Symbols HVAC1 HVAC 40.00
Blocks/Symbols INSTRU1 Instruments schematic Library 40.00
Blocks/Symbols ISO1 Iso 2D Hardware Library 40.00
Blocks/Symbols PFD1 Process Flow Schematic Symbol Library 40.00
Blocks/Symbols SM-EXP Super Explode 30.00
Construction AUTOLINE Line drawing with intelligence. 30.00
Construction BISECT This routine draws a line between two other lines 10.00
Construction BLINE Lines w/ letters or blocks and clouds. 20.00
Construction CONSTRLN Draws construction lines at any angle. 5.00
Construction FILETCIR Creates outside arc between circles 5.00
Construction HALF Computes 3D mid point 3.00
Construction MEET Computes theoretical intersection point 4.00
Construction PERP Perpendicular construction the way it should be. 15.00
Construction RECTROT Draws rectangle with rotation option 2.00
Construction SM-DONUT Enhanced donut, also converts circles to plines 15.00
Construction SM-TRIAN Draws triangles any way you specify 20.00
Construction SUPERLN Direct distance on steriods! 30.00
Database DATAPK1 Data pack: drills, fractions, factors, pipe… 25.00
Database STEELPK Dimensional data for Steel Shapes: 20.00
Development LE List Entity Data. 15.00
Development SM-LSH List the atomlist contents. 10.00
Development VD View dialog helps with quick testing and design. 5.00
Editing ARRAY1 Std Array, plus automatically calculates spacing. 10.00
Editing CHMF-ANG Chamfer using angle and distance (R12) 4.00
Editing CHOP Cut, move and paste rect or circular regions 15.00
Editing COMBLINE Join two lines into one 10.00
Editing ENTPROP Change entity properties to match example 15.00
Editing INTCLEAN Window an intersection for automatic cleanup 10.00
Editing REV-WIN Select an inverse window 4.00
Editing SCL Scale & rotate blocks on 3 axes 6.00
Editing SM-CHGP AutoCAD's DDCHPROP plus "set to current" 10.00
Editing SM-FILET Std Fillet plus modify existing fillet 6.00
Editing SM-LLEN Improved line length editing. 15.00
Editing SM-MVTX Move vertex for lines, plines and 3dfaces. 4.00
Editing SM-RT Enhanced rotate with easy handle 4.00
Editing STRH Enhanced stretch eliminates need to calculate 6.00
Editing STRHNRM Enhanced stretch allows pre-selection of entities 15.00
General END-WBLK End the drawing editor and purge 12.00
General SM-LTYPE Easy access to AutoCAD's line types 20.00
General SM-VALGN Aligns drawing views accross paper space. 20.00
Inquiry LI Enhanced LIST with: Count entities, magnify 20.00
Inquiry MAGNIFY Displays object info as you pass over it. 6.00
Inquiry SM-ID Coordinates of a point in World, User, Display 10.00
Inquiry TOTAL Select numbers and computes total 12.00
Layers, Linetype, Color INHERIT Change active layer, color, linetype by selecting 10.00
Layers, Linetype, Color SEL Single entity layer utilities 10.00
Layers, Linetype, Color SM-LTSC New scale linetype by picking an existing. 5.00
Machine Design AUTODIM Fully automated or confirmed ordinate dimensions. 40.00
Machine Design BELTS Center line of a belt or chain around sheaves. 30.00
Machine Design BLANKS Lay out round blanks on a sheet. 40.00
Machine Design BOM1 Automates parts lists and item balloons. 30.00
Machine Design CHNSPRK1 Designs/draws single sprockets or a sprocket drive 40.00
Machine Design DATAPK2 Database collection for machine design. 15.00
Machine Design DIMCHECK Checks the validity of Associative dimensions. 28.00
Machine Design DIMSTYLE A system for maintaining dimension tolerances 14.00
Machine Design FLANGE Draw flanges, tapped/threaded, etc. 12.00
Machine Design GEARS Designing spur, rack gear sets. 40.00
Machine Design GEO TOL Constructs Geometric tolerances 25.00
Machine Design GROOVES Draws grooves and keyways 22.00
Machine Design HOLCHRT1 Creates a holechart and automates hole labels 25.00
Machine Design PARTASSY Layer management tools for part-assy groups. 40.00
Machine Design SECT-AA Automates the drawing of section lines. 10.00
Machine Design SLOT All methods of drawing straight and radial slots. 35.00
Machine Design SMCAMS Draws simple cams. Will export a coordinate file. 35.00
Machine Design SPRINGS Design-draw extension and compression springs 40.00
Machine Design SREWCVYR Screw conveyor 30.00
Machine Design VWLINES Automated orthographic view construction lines 20.00
Machine Design WELDARR Produces ANSI standard welding arrows. 25.00
Text ASCTEXT Imports ASCII text 5.00
Text CHG-STYL List, modify, create, change text styles. 15.00
Text EXPORT Exports text from a drawing to ASCII file. 30.00
Text NUMBER Sequential numbers, random, linear, matrix. 15.00
Text SM-DE One command edit of text and text like objects. 6.00
Text SM-TXT Paragraph text with line spacing control 8.00
Text TS Globally or selectively update text styles 20.00
Text TSZ Globally or selectively update text size 8.00
Text TXTALI Std aligned text plus easy alignment to a line 6.00
Zoom/Display MK-VIEWS This routine will make named views into commands. 12.00
Zoom/Display PZOOM Automate mspace/pspace zooming 10.00
Zoom/Display SM-RGENT Controls "ByObject" visibility. 3.00
Zoom/Display SM-ZE Zoom extents, centers screen and resets limits. 3.00
Zoom/Display SM-ZE9 Zoom extents and then .9X and centers screen 3.00
Zoom/Display VP-SWAP Viewport swap, exchange to views 10.00
Zoom/Display VP-WINDW Simulates birdeye zooming using viewports. 10.00